Durable Trash Compactors

Eliminate hazardous, odorous, and unsightly waste from your company’s property with Pellegrino Trucking in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. We offer trash compactors and compaction systems that are ideal for any business with a large amount of waste or recycling material.

At Pellegrino Trucking, we are dedicated to meeting all of your waste management needs. That is why we take pride in offering the finest trash compactors in the area. Our compaction systems provide your business with a variety of benefits, such as:
Container -Trash Compactors
• Eliminates Air Pollution Caused by Burning
• Minimizes Man Hours Required to
   Handle Trash 
• Eliminates Re-Handling of Trash & Related
   Clean-up Work
• Savings on Disposal Costs Are in Approximate
   Proportion to the Compaction Ratio Achieved
• Eliminates Numerous Unsightly Trash
   Receptacles Which Improves
   Community Image 
• Vermin-Proof
• Reduces Pilferage
• Reduces Fire Hazards - Potential
   Insurance Savings 
• Minimizes Health Hazards & Odors from
   Open Trash Containers 
• Floor, Aisle & Dock Space Used for Trash
   Accumulation Can Be Put to Productive &
   Profitable Use Which Increases Facility

Types of Compactors     Please Click Here to View Our Catalogue, See Page 6 

In order to meet your specific needs, we offer two types of compactors. The first is a self-contained compactor. This is equipped to handle liquid waste as well as dry waste that would typically be generated by large restaurants, food processors, hospitals, and supermarkets.

The second is a stationary compactor, which is equipped to handle dry or almost-dry waste produced by warehouses, department stores, and factors. It also may be used for recycling large volumes of cardboard and paper.

Contact us to clean up your business with our trash compactors.